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Enriched with restorative Centella asiatica, this refreshing jelly instantly calms itching sensations and fights the urge to scratch for a long time.

Instantly soothes – Deeply hydrates – Repairs and strengthens the skin barrier

CICA-CALM dermo-soothing jelly restores the barrier effect of the scalp in order to make it more resistant to external aggressions. Without rinsing, its light and refreshing texture of this soothing scalp lotion instantly calms itching sensations and tightness and reduces redness.

 Alcohol-free - Silicone-free - Vegan

 “Rating according to Yuka: EXCELLENT - 100/100”

The skin barrier of the scalp plays a protective role against external aggressions. When the scalp is in a permanent reactive state or when it becomes uncomfortable due to itching, tightness or redness; the scalp is characterized as sensitive and irritated. Thus, the alteration of the skin barrier, linked to innate hypersensitivity or repetitive scratching, increases the sensitivity of the scalp.

Thanks to Lazartigue dermo-soothing jelly, it is possible to instantly soothe and provide lasting relief to the scalp , by restoring the skin barrier.

Formulated for sensitive and/or irritated scalps, the dermo-soothing jelly instantly refreshes the scalp while repairing the skin barrier. Thanks to the restorative powers of Centella asiatica, the scalp regains lasting comfort. Its light texture, non-sticky or weighing down, allows use at any time of the day and is rinse-free.

Clinically tested: 
• +72% hydration from first use¹
• -50% itching after 6 hours²
• -46% redness after 21 days³

¹Instrumental test under dermatological control on 22 volunteers (including 13.6% suffering from psoriasis).
²Self-assessment on 22 volunteers (including 13.6% with psoriasis).
³Dermatological score on 22 volunteers (including 13.6% affected by psoriasis) for 21 days applied at least 3 times per week
⁴Self-assessment on 22 volunteers (including 13.6% affected by psoriasis), applied for at least 21 days 3 times a week, % satisfaction.


The vegan formula of the soothing scalp lotion is alcohol and silicone free.

• Formula composed of 95% ingredients of natural origin.
• Vegan, alcohol-free, silicone-free and mineral oil-free.

Its tube with cannula tip allows localized and precise application.

A formula composed of 95% ingredients of natural origin, vegan, without silicone or mineral oil.

Main active ingredients of natural origin in this treatment for irritated scalp:

• Centella asiatica : medicinal herbaceous plant used in herbal medicine, Centella asiatica is recognized for its restorative properties . It has been used for several centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, where people used it in poultices to heal wounds.

• Alpine Rose Active : extracted from the leaves of the organic Alpine rose , one of the most typical and important alpine plants in Switzerland, Alpine Active Rose quickly reduces itching and redness of sensitive and irritated scalps thanks to with its soothing properties.

• Hydrafence® complex : Thanks to its 3D matrix technology, the Hydrafence® Complex stimulates the production of ceramides and improves cellular cohesion. This matrix combines an algae extract and a glutinous rice amylopectin gel , acting like a mortar to strengthen the protective barrier of the scalp.

List of ingredients: 
LZT.22.1434/A.13 - INGREDIENTS: Aqua/Water/Eau, Propanediol, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum/Fragrance, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Amylopectin, Pentylene Glycol , Citric Acid, Inulin,

The refreshing texture of the jelly helps reinforce the soothing effect of the formula. Light and non-greasy, the texture of this leave-in hair treatment does not weigh down the hair; which remain flexible.

Olfactory notes of pear, jasmine and white musk characterize its refreshing scent. 

We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging:   
- Monomaterial cannula tube
- Case: 100% recycled FSC paper, from sustainably managed forests and recyclable*. Biodegradable vegetable inks. Case without cellophane.

*In accordance with the French decree on recycling. 

Apply the lotion to dry or damp scalp:

1) Apply line by line to the scalp.
2) Massage with the pads of the fingers to distribute and facilitate the penetration of the product.
3) Do not rinse. Allow to dry in the open air.

In addition, during your hair routine, use shampoo for sensitive scalp.

Our expert’s advice:

“Moisturize your scalp and use gentle, suitable hair products. When shampooing, gently massage your scalp and rinse thoroughly to avoid any residue and limit excessive heat (hot water, heating appliances, etc.). »




CICA-CALM dermo-soothing jelly是一款富含修復性Centella asiatica(積雪草)成分的清爽凝膠,能立即舒緩搔癢感並長時間對抗刺癢的衝動。

立即舒緩 - 深層保濕 - 修復和加強肌膚屏障

CICA-CALM皮膚舒緩凝膠恢復頭皮的屏障效應,使其更能抵抗外部侵害。 無需沖洗,這款凝膠狀的頭皮舒緩乳液,輕盈清爽的質地能立即舒緩瘙癢感和緊繃感,減輕紅腫。

無酒精 - 無矽油 - 純素

頭皮的皮膚屏障在對抗外界侵害方面起到保護作用。 當頭皮處於持續反應狀態或因搔癢、緊繃或紅腫而感到不適時,頭皮被認為是敏感和受刺激的。 因此,皮膚屏障的改變,與固有過敏或反覆抓撓有關,增加了頭皮的敏感性。


為敏感和/或受刺激的頭皮設計,皮膚舒緩凝膠能立即為頭皮帶來清涼感,同時修復皮膚屏障。 由於採用積雪草的修復功效,頭皮長時間恢復舒適。 其輕盈的質地不黏膩,不沉重,可隨時使用,無需沖洗。

• 第一次使用後+72%的保濕¹
• 21天後-46%的紅腫³



• 配方中95%成分為天然來源。
• 純素,無酒精,無矽油和無礦物油。




• 積雪草:積雪草是一種草藥植物,在中藥中被認為具有修復性能。 幾個世紀以來,它一直在中國傳統醫學中使用,人們將其用於敷料以治癒傷口。

• 高山玫瑰活性成分:從有機高山玫瑰的葉子中提取,高山玫瑰活性成分憑藉其舒緩特性,快速減輕敏感和受刺激頭皮的瘙癢和紅腫。

• Hydrafence®複合物:由於其3D基質技術,Hydrafence®複合物刺激酯類的產生,改善細胞內聚力。 該基質結合了海藻萃取物和黏性米澱粉凝膠,起到強化頭皮的保護屏障的作用。

LZT.22.1434/A.13 - INGREDIENTS: Aqua/Water/Eau, Propanediol, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum/Fragrance, Acrylates Inulin,

凝膠的清涼質地有助於增強配方的舒緩效果。 輕盈而不油膩的質地不會給頭髮增加負擔,使頭髮保持柔軟靈活。


- 單一材質的管狀設計
- 包裝盒:100%回收的FSC紙張,來自永續管理的森林,可回收*。 可生物降解的植物油墨。 無需紙膜的包裝盒。



1) 逐行塗抹在頭皮上。
2) 用指腹按摩分佈並促進產品滲透。
3) 不需要沖洗。 讓其在空氣中乾燥。




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